Thursday, August 02, 2007

Serial blog neglecter

To whom it may concern,

This is my first missive in three months. I have an excuse, to which I'll get in a moment. First, I'd like to take you through a list of previously abandoned blogs.

Christopher's Bible blog: 6/13/2006-12/18/2006
This was an interesting idea in theory. I, with no particular rooting interest in the alleged historicity of the Bible, would read the book myself, inviting my fundamentalist and atheist friends to read along and harass each other about it. Cause of death: It turns out that reading the Bible without a rooting interest is not that much fun, even if you're trying to inspire bloodsport among loved ones.

Indie-Pop Words for People: 1/14/2006-7/12/2006
Eventually I'll get around to updating this blog again. It will be when something happens with my music "career" that would interest anyone other than my dad. This blog is an offshoot of, which is similarly hardly ever updated - for the same reason.

Personal MySpace and music MySpace: also ca. 2006
To be fair, I never really intended to update these. After all, you have to have accounts just to retain your Interweb card nowadays. Still, it upsets some people that I never check in, leave little sparkly animated messages or pictures of scantily clad women, or any of the other annoying things you're supposed to do on MySpace. For all purposes, I'm not on it at all. I have a pretty big friends list on my music account, though.

OK, so enough morbid. What's my excuse for all this?

Ask Porkchop!: 3/29/2007-present
I update it more frequently than I did those others in the swingin'est of times, and I can write it at work without getting in trouble, because it's a Gazette blog. Of course, once you have a work blog, blogging at home just seems lame - and besides, I'm confident that I'll have plenty of other terrible blog ideas in the future.

Yours truly,

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